Hilary Duff's Son Luca Gets the Most Epic Halloween Present Ever From Ellen DeGeneres


Hilary Duff
’s son Luca is one lucky little boy! The 29-year-old Younger star visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday where she told the host that her phone had been returned to her after she’d accidentally set it on the roof of her car followed by a special surprise from DeGeneres.

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When DeGeneres asked if there was anything on her phone that she didn’t want others to see, the blushing actress replied, “I mean, yeah. Not anything like too aggressive. I have learned my lesson with that one. Not from personal experience.”

The proud mom then told a funny story about one particularly embarrassing pic of Luca on her phone, saying, “You know what, I’m sure everyone who has kids knows this. Every time we’re about to take a bath, regardless of whether he’s just gone to the bathroom or not, the bathwater starts running and he’s gotta pee. So I have a picture of that on my phone. That’s kinda good.”

Duff loves sharing her adorable 4 year old with her fans. Back in July, she posted a video of Luca aggressively singing along to the Ghostbusters theme song on Instagram.

“He wants to be a Ghostbuster [for Halloween] this year,” she revealed on Ellen. “He’s obsessed with Ghostbusters, obsessed with the slimer. He learned the whole song. He is dedicated.”

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DeGeneres, who is notorious for giving celeb kids personalized gifts, then brought out a kids-sized version of the white Ghostbusters Cadillac, complete with the signature logo and smoke machine.


“Oh, Ellen! He’s going to lose his mind,” Duff exclaimed. Watch the video to see the tricked out toy!

For more of little Luca’s cute antics, watch the video below!

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