EXCLUSIVE: Criss Angel Opens Up About Going Inside Paris Jackson's Mind: I Experienced 'Darkness'

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Criss Angel has a special bond with Paris Jackson, thanks to her father, the late Michael Jackson, bringing his only daughter to see the popular illusionist perform since she was young.

Now, the 18-year-old has become part of the act, sharing an intense moment with Criss during a mental exercise that will be featured in his upcoming A&E special, Criss Angel: Trick'd Up. ET spoke to Criss, who dished about the experience that left Paris "freaked out."

"We went and took a little journey," Criss, 48, tells ET's Nischelle Turner. "I didn't know where it was gonna go and she got legitimately completely freaked out. I kind of got inside her mind, and she saw death in me. She completely lost her mind."

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In a clip from the show, Paris has a strong visceral reaction as the two join hands -- gasping and shaking -- remarking that she can see "death" in Criss.

"I think that people, when they go through a traumatic experience in their life, those emotions never go away," Criss says about Paris' reaction. "I lost my father in '89. That never goes away. So, I think when you have that and you carry that with you, it manifests itself in different ways, and it reflects in different parts of your life. And I think that when she saw me and she saw what I was doing, and the types of demonstrations I was doing, I think she saw something that she connected with -- somebody that was no longer here."

Criss says he himself felt "darkness" while doing the exercise with Paris, which relies on using "energy that comes from within."

"I felt a presence of ... like, a misanthrope ... very dark -- quite frankly, I would have preferred to have felt a feeling of light, of positivity," he admits. "I felt a presence of just, you know, darkness. Just not a place that I would have ... I would have liked it to be something else for her sake because when somebody goes there, that means that that might transcend, or that might be how they are living to some extent."

Though Criss has nothing but positive things to say about Paris.

"All I can say is from what I know of Paris, she is a really a beautiful person," he notes. "She has an amazing heart. She has had her challenges and her own demons like we all have, and you got to consider the fact that this young lady grew up with a father that was the biggest star on the planet, period."

"Her dad was a big proponent of mine," he adds. "They were big fans of the show. I never knew that -- and I'm so honored to discover that. They used to watch the show religiously."

Criss returns to A&E with a one-hour special titled, Criss Angel: Trick'd Up, premiering Oct. 12 AT 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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