Kevin Hart Stands Up for Britney Spears While Talking About How 'Fame is False'

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Kevin Hart doesn't believe in fame.

The 37-year-old comedian spoke about the illusion of celebrity during a Sirius XM Town Hall in New York City on Wednesday promoting his new film Kevin Hart: What Now?

"It's not like your life changes because of the level of success that you have," Hart explained to the event’s host, SNL star Kenan Thompson. "At the end of the day people are people.'

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Hart also wants fans to look at celebrities as regular human beings.

"If you come up to take a picture of me and I'm with my kids, I'm gonna politely tell you, 'Hey man, I appreciate your support, but I'm on daddy time right now,'" Hart added. "As a person you should understand that."

The father of two, who recently earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, used Britney Spears' life in the spotlight as an example to prove that "fame is false."

While Spears has bounced back from rough patches in her past, Hart noted the way that the pop princess was treated in the press during a tumultuous time in her career.

"This s**t ain't real," Hart said of fame. “It can be snatched from you. Look at how many stars they build up to beat down. Look at Britney Spears when she was the hottest thing ever. Then Britney went through a meltdown and everybody is like 'Well we don't know about this f**king chick here.' Then she got back again and everybody was like, 'We love you Britney!' It was like 'What?!' You're f--king all over the place, people."

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No matter how he feels about fame, Hart's have been having a spectacular year both personally and professionally. The Philadelphia native married his longtime love, Eniko Parrish, over the summer, and co-stars in the highly anticipated Jumanji sequel alongside Duane "The Rock" Johnson.

When ET caught up with Hart at the New York City premiere of What Now? on Wednesday, he revealed why the new version of Jumanji isn’t going be a remake of the beloved 1995 family adventure flick starring Robin Williams.

"I don't want people to think that we're redoing Jumanji -- it's a continuation," said Hart. "If Jumanji was to move on, this is what it would be."

See more from Hart in the video below.