Hillary Clinton Talks Donald Trump's Looming Debate Presence, 'Insulting and Derogatory' Language

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Hillary Clinton has two birthday wishes when she turns 69 at the end of this month. The Democratic presidential hopeful visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday where she revealed, “One of them obviously includes the election, but I also, I really wish that I will be the president that our country needs right now.”

Clinton also quipped, “Just think of it this way, I will be the youngest woman ever elected president.”

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In her first post-debate interview, the former Secretary of State opened up about what it was like to debate Trump shortly after his controversial 2005 Access Hollywood video was leaked.

“I could just feel this presence behind me. And I thought, ‘Whoa, this is really weird,’” she recalled of her opponent’s widely discussed debate stance. “I was just trying to stay focused, trying to keep my composure, trying to interact with the moderators, but more for me, with the people there.”

Clinton admitted that she struggled with how to spend her debate time. At first, she considered shooting down the Republican candidate's comments with her own facts and counterpoints, but she ultimately decided against that approach.

“I’m going to keep trying to talk about what this election should be about, which is people’s lives and our country, and what we’re going to do to help each other,” she told DeGeneres.

Clinton also reacted to the lewd tape, which featured a conversation between Trump and then-host Billy Bush, who has since been suspended from his current role on the Today show.

“Nobody wants to be associated with this kind of really violent and hateful language,” she said, referencing athletes who rejected Trump’s “locker room talk” defense. “It’s not just what Trump has said about women – as terrible as that has been – what he has said about immigrants and African Americans and Latinos and people with disabilities and POWs and our military and Muslims, everybody. He has been so insulting and derogatory. And I celebrate our diversity. I’m proud of so many things about our country, but one is clearly that we lift each other up. We don’t put each other down. We show respect for each other.”

She also commented on the allegations of sexual assault and unwanted attention that have come to light after the tape was released.

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“Well obviously there’s a lot that is coming out which is distressing on many levels,” she said of the allegations against Trump. “But I don’t want anybody to think this election’s over. It’s been so unpredictable up until now that I’m not taking anything for granted. We’ve got to work really hard for the next three and a half weeks because who knows what can happen.”

Clinton also noted that she has one hope for life after Nov. 8.

“After this election, let’s come together to try to heal all of the divides that are unfortunately between us right now,” she said.

For more from the second presidential debate, watch the video below.

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