Kathie Lee Gifford Breaks Down in Tears While Remembering Her Late Husband on 30th Wedding Anniversary

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Kathie Lee Gifford broke down in tears on Tuesday as she remembered her late husband, Frank Gifford, on what would have been their 30th wedding anniversary.

"Today would have marked my 30th wedding anniversary with my husband," she said to Today co-host Hoda Kotb.  "And, I'm deeply grateful for all the years I had with that beautiful man…so thank you for that beautiful song."

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Producers played a song off-camera to commemorate the occasion, which led to Gifford's emotional reaction.

"I had no intention of saying that, but that's why I love working with you, Hoda," she continued.

Gifford's husband died last August of natural causes. He was 84. The 63-year-old television personality credits her faith in God for getting her through the harrowing months following his death.

"If you thought about it as, 'How am I ever going to get through this year?' — well, God doesn't promise you a year," Gifford wrote in an emotional essay shared earlier this year on the the Today show. "He promises you a day at a time. He broke life into 24-hour-periods because that's all we can handle. The next day, you reach for your fresh cup of mercy that you need every bit as much as the day before."

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Gifford also encouraged others to deal with grief at their own pace. "Don't rush the process. Joy can exist in the exact same spot as your grief," she wrote. "If you keep thinking about what you lost, you will fall in despair. Concentrate on what you still have and the memories and the knowledge that you will all be united one day. I am not saying it's easy. I am saying it's possible."

The couple had two children together, Cody and Cassidy.

Cassidy remembered her late father at Super Bowl 50 earlier this year. See the video below.