Celebs Roast Third Debate With Best Burns Yet as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Face Off for the Final Time

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Stars took to Twitter to slam the Republican candidate and the general debate discourse while sharing love for moderator Chris Wallace.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
faced off in the third and (thankfully) final presidential debate on Wednesday at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their showdown ended up being arguably the most substantive and orderly so far -- which isn't saying much.

While the tete-a-tete wasn't as vitriolic as the previous Town Hall debate, it still included Trump referring to illegal immigrants as "bad hombres," Trump calling Clinton "such a nasty woman," childish arguments over who is the biggest puppet of the Russian government, and Trump's refusal to agree to accept the results of the upcoming election.

Twitter responded to the faceoff with the same level of jaded snark and baffled anger that came with the previous two disasters showdowns.

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Celebs jumped on the social media platform to take Trump to task for nearly everything, especially the way he would sternly yell "wrong" every time someone directly quoted him or made an objectively factual statement about something he's done in the past.

Many others attacked the Republican candidate for his comments about women -- which included bragging about not apologizing to his wife, Melania, over his multiple alleged sex scandals because he "didn't do anything, and repeating his claim that he "respects women," which actually drew a laugh from the audience.

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During the debate, Trump even reiterated his annoyance at not winning an Emmy as host of The Apprentice, which was another point of mockery for the 70-year-old businessman.

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While most of the comments seemed to be venomously anti-Trump, there were a few espousing the merits of his opponent, including New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who praised the Democratic candidate for being "patient, poised and professional."

"[She's] giving Trump room to flounder & hitting him with precision rebuts," Booker wrote.

Others celebrated the former Secretary of State for some of her debate tactics and talking points.

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There was also no shortage of love for moderator Chris Wallace, who asked complex and well-researched questions and had no problem with calling both candidates out when they misrepresented facts or their own past comments.

One issue Trump addressed with a categorical denial were the numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault that several women have leveled against him in the wake of the release of the so-called “Trump Tape” two weeks ago. Check out the video below for more on the many controversial allegations now facing the business mogul.