Kris Jenner Was in Tears Over Kim Kardashian Helping Caitlyn: 'I'm Feeling Abandoned'

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The return of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this week will feature an explosive confrontation between Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

In a new teaser from the show, which was released on Thursday, Kris explains why she’s upset with Kim for helping Caitlyn Jenner pick a gown for the 2016 ESPYs.

"She thinks you’re a traitor and she thinks you went against the family with Caitlyn." Khloe warns Kim."She's pissed."

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Khloe and Kim call Kris on the phone, and it leads to a tense exchange that goes way beyond Caitlyn's "fashion emergency."

"Why are you pissed off at me?" Kim asks Kris.

"Kim, you are a f**king traitor," she replies. "That you would have the nerve to go to help Caitlyn to pick a gown, like what is going on?"

As Kim explains, Caitlyn asked for her help because she had nothing to wear to the awards show.

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Kim also thought Kris and Caitlyn were on good terms, but quickly learns that she was wrong.

"That's what you don't get," Kris replies. "I don't say anything to you until I feel abandoned. Right now I’m feeling abandoned."

"Mom, I would never abandon you," the 35-year-old reality star assures Kris. "I truly didn’t think that you would care. I’m just going to try stay neutral and not get involved."

Unfortunately for Kim, remaining "neutral" isn't an option.

"I don't want you to be neutral," Kris retorts, getting more emotional. "You're my children that I gave birth to. I want loyalty, I don’t want f**king neutral."

As her voice continues to crack, Khloe mentions that Kris is "really upset" over the topic.

"Neutral isn't what I signed up for," adds Kris. "That's what you don’t get."

"I'm trying to be as gracious as I can, I’m trying to be as understanding as I can," she continues. "I'm betrayed, I’ve been f**ked over on so many levels that your head would spin. I’m not going to f**king play this game anymore. Okay?"

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The tense moment was filmed long before Kim went through her terrifying armed robbery in Paris. While the rest of the family has resumed filming for KUWTK, ET can confirm that Kim has yet to return to the reality show.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians
returns to E! on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch the video below to see how Kim has been coping since the traumatic robbery.