Donald Trump, Jr. Says His Father's 'Locker Room' Remarks Are Just 'a Fact of Life'

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Donald Trump Jr. is standing by his father.

In audio obtained by CNN of Trump, Jr.'s appearance on KIRO radio 97.3's Dori Monson Show, the 38-year-old defended his father's lewd comments from a 2005 conversation with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush -- saying that his father's so-called "locker room talk" was just "a fact of life."

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"Obviously he's not happy about that, but I think we all probably know guys who have had conversations with guys who go a little bit in that direction," Trump, Jr. said. "That's a fact of life."

Trump's oldest son then went on to suggest that his father's unfiltered remarks -- which degraded women like ET's Nancy O'Dell and soap star Arianne Zucker -- are a reason for "ordinary Americans" to vote for him.

"I think he's able to relate to ordinary Americans, because in many ways he is very much like that," Trump, Jr. said. "He does do that."

"He hasn't spent his whole life sitting there polishing every statement he's ever made -- every conversation he’s ever had," he explained. "He doesn't run a focus group so he can tell you what he's thinking. He speaks from the heart."

Listen to the interview below:

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While Trump, Jr. was happy to defend his father, another star simply "had nothing to say" on the topic.

During a recent interview on BBC's Breakfast, Lady Gaga -- a proud Hillary Clinton supporter -- was asked about the possibility that Trump might become president.

After a moment of awkward silence, she chimed in, declaring, "I have nothing to say of him."

See more in the video below.