Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump in Celebrity Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Watch!

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Donald Trump might need some aloe for that burn! On Monday night, President Barack Obama visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he participated in a second round of Presidential Mean Tweets.

After reading a few zingers like, “Obama couldn’t negotiate getting a Whopper without pickles” and “Barack Obama dances like how his jeans look,” Obama read a tweet from GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

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The tweet read, “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!,” to which the President cheekily replied, “Well, @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.”

And while the sketch was all fun and games, Obama had a more serious message for viewers when he sat down to talk with host Jimmy Kimmel.

“We joke about Donald Trump, but part of the reason you’ve seen Michelle [Obama] passionate in this election, part of the reason that we get involved as much as we have, is not just because we think Hillary’s going to be a great president, but it’s also because, there’s something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere,” Obama said.

In fact, the President noted that he doesn’t feel the same way about Trump as he does his past political opponents.

“I ran against John McCain. I ran against Mitt Romney. Obviously, I thought that I could do a better job, but they’re both honorable men,” Obama said of the Republicans. “If they had won, I wouldn’t worry about the general course of this country.”

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When Kimmel asked if Obama would ever run again if it were legal, he replied, “Personally for me, if I were able to run for a third term, Michelle would divorce me. So it’s useful that I don’t have that choice to make… All the women in my life are looking forward to being able to live a more normal life.”

For more from the presidential election, watch the clip below!

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