Taryn Manning Speaks Out on 'Hitting Rock Bottom' and Seeking Support in Her Sobriety: 'This Is Not Easy'

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Taryn Manning
is a work in progress.

The 37-year-old actress admits to struggling with her sobriety and seeking support in an interview with TMZ. According to the report, Manning was speaking out in an effort to get ahead of a forthcoming story about her, which she said is in the works with another news outlet.

"I am truly grateful for what some may call hitting rock bottom," she said. "Some days it sucks and some days it sucks worse. I am not ashamed of this obstacle because I have accepted that it is OK to not be OK."

The Orange Is the New Black star reportedly said that her schedule won't allow for her to attend rehab. However, Manning also said that she's receiving support from a sober companion, therapists, friends and "other safe outlets," and offered her love to the cast and crew of the hit Netflix show.

"I've never felt more accepted, forgiven, and supported than during this period of my life," she said. "This is not easy."

ET has reached out to Manning's reps for comment.

Shortly after the report was published, Manning took to Twitter to seemingly address the situation.

"Next time you want to do 'an exclusive,' pay me and not my convicted serial stalker dating my 'ex-makeup artist,'" she tweeted first. "Oh, the webs you weave."

"One day when I can speak, what a tale to tell," she continued. "Good heavens. Thank you, though. Changed me! #love."

Later, she shifted tone with: "You know what you have done to a community of friends and family. Try to ruin me all day like you do... but back the F off my team and BFFs."

Earlier this year, Manning was accused of assaulting her ex-makeup artist, Holly Hartman. According to court documents, Hartman claimed that the two used to be in a relationship.

Hartman had requested a restraining order, though it was denied on the grounds that it was filed in Los Angeles and the incident is said to have taken place in New York.

Manning's lawyers called the allegations "entirely fabricated" and said in a statement that "Ms. Hartman is under investigation for stalking Ms. Manning and for theft and other crimes." 

In February, Manning was cleared of the assault allegations when her accuser did not show up for a court appearance. 

Meanwhile, in a separate Manning-related legal situation, Jeanine Heller -- who was arrested multiple times and pleaded guilty to stalking and harassing the actress -- was sentenced to serve jail time in 2015 after reluctantly admitting in court that she attempted to contact Manning in violation of a previous plea agreement. Heller was sentenced to six months in jail, with 45 days already served after her first guilty plea.