Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized With a Sledgehammer

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While Donald Trump was busy campaigning to be the next president, his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was taking some hits.

According to several reports, a man dressed as a construction worker used a sledgehammer and a pickax early Wednesday morning to vandalize and smash the star on Hollywood Boulevard -- which the former Celebrity Apprentice host received in January 2007. Another man was reportedly present to record the incident on a cell phone.

Associated Press

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department told The New York Times that someone called in and reported the crime around 6 a.m., and a tent was later placed over the sidewalk symbol to secure it.

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Dominic Patten, a senior editor at Deadline Hollywood, told the Times that he witnessed the vandalism, and recalled that the man "suddenly picked up the sledgehammer and started smashing the bejeezus out of the Trump star."

"Then he took the pickax and was trying to pry one of the points of the star," he said, adding that "shrapnel was flying everywhere."

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Patten also said the man -- who identified himself to Deadline as Jamie Otis -- told him that he was attempting to auction off the symbol in an effort to raise money for the women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse.

This isn't the first time the star has been vandalized. In July, a wall constructed by the artist known as Plastic Jesus was placed around the symbol to represent the presidential hopeful's plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico if elected. It was quickly removed. The star has also been spray-painted with a backward swastika and a mute symbol, both of which have been washed off.

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