Kate Beckinsale Got Daughter Lily in Trouble After Drawing a NSFW Doodle on Her Homework


You should see what the actress can do with fruit!

Kate Beckinsale's sense of humor may surprise some of her fans.

In her first interview since her husband of 12 years, Len Wiseman, filed for divorce last week, the 43-year-old actress stopped by Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, and revealed that she has a NSFW calling card. Beckinsale confessed to arranging fruit in the shape of the male anatomy, and leaving them for her friends and co-stars to find.

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"It's like my bat sign," she quipped. "People know I've been there if their fruit bowl has been rearranged."

"It was like love bombing," Beckinsale further explained the arrangements. "I think it strayed into bullying, but I felt very positive about it."

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The Underworld star also disclosed that her NSFW jokes got her daughter Lily, who is now 17, in trouble when she was in the sixth grade. Beckinsale admitted that she accidentally "doodled" a penis on Lily's homework, which led to her daughter getting reprimanded. Lily had to break it to her teacher that it was actually her mother that had done the "inappropriate" drawing.

Those that follow Beckinsale on Instagram may also recall when she dressed up as a penis in July. Check out the actress' perfect caption for the photo: