Kate Beckinsale Bears Resemblance to Ex Michael Sheen's Girlfriend Sarah Silverman in Throwback Pics

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The actress gets along quite well with her ex's new flame.

Michael Sheen must be pretty charming to have landed both Sarah Silverman and Kate Beckinsale.

The 45-year-old comedian has become quite close with her boyfriend's ex, and has even started to exchange jokes with her on Instagram. On Tuesday night, Beckinsale Instagrammed throwback pics of herself and Silverman, and called out their similar  retro hairstyles.

"Oh @sarahkatesilverman if only I had known you then," the 43-year-old actress wrote. "We could have supported each other through the ennui and tall,unfortunate hair we were clearly both experiencing."

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Silverman responded: "Oh my sweet lord Jesus, this makes me joyous."

The Wreck-It Ralph star also posted a NSFW text message exchange with Beckinsale that the Underworld star called "the second best collage" she'd received from her friend. "@sarahkatesilverman you absolute HUNK OF BURNING LOVE," she gushed.

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Sheen and Beckinsale -- who split in 2003 -- are parents to 17-year-old Lily Sheen. During an interview with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show, the Masters of Sex actor opened up about his relationship with Beckinsale as well as his ex's friendship with Silverman.

"Our relationship now is probably better than it ever was," Sheen, 47, said. "And it helps that she actually likes Sarah more than she likes me."

He quipped, "The only way it doesn’t work out is that now I have not only Sarah, but also Kate and my daughter Lily, who all just make fun of me and embarrass me at any given point."

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