Exclusive: Nicolas Cage Praises 'Talented' Son Weston and Talks Future Onscreen Collaborations

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Nicolas Cage
is certainly keeping it interesting with his latest roles.

The Oscar winner has been in full work mode with the release of two movies this week. ET recently caught up with the 52-year-old ahead of the release of his latest films: Dog Eat Dog, playing an ex-con with a job gone wrong, and Army of One starring as an American civilian humorously hunting for Osama bin Laden -- both hitting theaters this Friday.

Without any downtime, the actor recalls jumping from one project right after the other, sharing how he ended up with the role of Troy in Dog Eat Dog. "[Director] Paul Schrader was actually calling me about Dog Eat Dog while I was filming Army of One and he wanted me to play Mad Dog," says Cage. "And I was like, 'Paul, listen, I am already playing a pretty wild character. It's exhausting. Can I please play Troy?" The actor says the change in characters allowed him to present a "polarity" between the two films.

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While the Ghost Rider star has been staying busy, he managed to include his 25-year-old musician son Weston Cage's talents in Dog Eat Dog. Weston's song, "Black Sun Damascus," can be heard during the "party scene with the three convicts" in the film.

"He loved the movie and also one of his songs was in the movie" Cage shares. "That was great."

In September 2014, ET caught up with Weston, who dished on what kind of grandfather the actor is to his son, 1-year-old Lucian Augustus. "I believe that a lot of the morals and philosophies that I will teach to my son definitely comes from my father," Weston told ET. "He was an amazing father to me."

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And how is the star as a grandpa? "Brilliant," Weston gushed.

As for a future collaboration on-screen, both father and son are looking for the right fit. "We are always looking for things that make sense," Cage says. "It's just a matter of finding the right role at the right time."

Army of One will be in select theaters and on Digital HD on Nov. 4. Dog Eat Dog will be released in select theaters on the same day and on Digital HD and video on demand on Nov. 11.

--Additional reporting by Darla Murray