Taylor Swift Gives Detailed Account of Alleged Groping Incident in Deposition for Lawsuit Against Radio DJ

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In a newly released deposition, Taylor Swift goes into explicit detail concerning the horror she felt when she claims a radio DJ groped her at a 2013 public appearance.

"A strange man's hand just lifted up my skirt," Swift says in the just-released testimony.

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The man in question is DJ David "Jackson" Mueller. Swift filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mueller in October 2015. The filing was a countersuit in response to Mueller's defamation lawsuit brought against Swift in September 2015, in which he claimed the singer falsely accused him of inappropriately grabbing her. Mueller denied the allegations, but was fired from his job as a radio host and DJ two days after the alleged incident.

According to Swift, the alleged incident took place during a photo op backstage at a Denver concert. Swift says she was taking a picture with the DJ and his female companion when he Swift alleges grabbed her underneath her clothes.

Last month, a Colorado judge ruled to keep the photo sealed from the public until the case goes to trial.

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"It's impossible for me to definitively answer whether the moment captured on the photo is the moment directly before he grabbed my a**, right when he grabbed onto my a** cheek, or the moment when I was obviously squirming to the side because I was uncomfortable," Swift says in the deposition.

In the original court papers, Swift said that Mueller's alleged actions "surprised, upset, offended, and alarmed" her, adding that she then had to go out and put on a show in front of 13,000 people. In the deposition, Swift claims the reason she didn't confront Mueller at the time was because there were other fans in the room.

"I was looking at the floor, and I just wanted him to be gone," she says.

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Mueller has denied that anything inappropriate happened, but did admit it was possible he touched Swift's skirt.

"I would say it's possible that my hand came into contact with her skirt or somewhere behind her," Mueller said during his deposition. "But as I sated earlier, she was moving my hand; I was moving her hand. I did not think I touched her inappropriately, which is why I did not apologize to her. I would have apologized had I thought I did something inappropriate."

The "Blank Space" singer has said that if she wins her countersuit, she will donate any money received to a "charitable organization dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard."