Louis C.K. and James Franco Come Out in Support of Hillary Clinton: 'She Takes Care of S**t!'

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Louis C.K. came out as a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton while sitting down with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, explaining that the Democratic presidential candidate is the leader America needs.

"I think she's great, and it's not a lesser-of-two-evils [thing], I think she great," C.K. shared, admitting that he knew he'd be "splitting his audience" with his endorsement. "I think she's really talented and I think she's super smart, and I would take her over anybody."

However, the one thing that the 49-year-old outspoken comic is most excited about is having "the first mother in the White House."

"It's not about [her being] the first woman, it's about the first mom," he said. "Because a mother's just got it. A mother just does it. She feeds you and teaches you and protects you. She takes care of s**t."

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"We've had 240 years of fathers. Father after father," the comedian continued. "Fathers are OK. I'm a father, you're a dad, a great father can give a kid 40 percent of his needs, tops. He tops out at 40 percent. Any mother, just a sh**ty mother, just a not-even-trying mother: 200 percent!"

For C.K., one of Donald Trump's greatest flaws is his inability to handle criticism and abuse, whereas Clinton has been "taking it and taking it" for years.

"We've been hazing her. We've been holding her down and spitting in her mouth and yelling at her and she just gets up and goes, 'Well, I just think that if children have proper health care…,'" he quipped. "She just keeps working! So I'm totally for her."

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That isn't to say that he thinks she's a great person. In fact, C.K. says she's exactly the kind of "two-faced, conniving, crazy [person] who's just got a million schemes" that the country could really use.

"We need a tough bitch mother that nobody likes, and who just does s**t!," he exclaimed.

Ultimately, C.K. says he's got "no problem with anybody who votes for Trump" if it's what they truly believe, but he has no patience for disaffected Americans who don't want to participate in the election at all.

"I think If you vote for Hillary, you're a grown-up, if you vote for Trump you're a sucker, if you don't vote for anybody you're an a**hole," he concluded.

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The Louie star isn't the only actor coming out to endorse Clinton. James Franco recently threw his support behind the former Secretary of State in a hilarious parody video of Dos Equis' famed "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials.

Franco shared his pro-Clinton ad to Instagram on Tuesday, where he shares some "facts" about the candidate (i.e. "Her laugh is in the Smithsonian" and "Yoda was her apprentice").

The 38-year-old actor
ends the clip by walking out of shower in nothing but a towel emblazed with Clinton’s campaign logo, explaining, "I don't usually endorse candidates, but when I do they're extraordinary."

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Americans will have a chance to vote for Clinton or Trump (or a slew of candidates from other parties) on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Check out the video below for a look at some of ET's recent coverage of the race to the White House.

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