Brooklyn Decker Reveals Her Baby Gave Her a Cold Hours Before Her Dog Runs Away!

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Brooklyn Decker
is having a tough week!

The 29-year-old actress and swimsuit model, who welcomed her son Hank with husband Andy Roddick in September 2015, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a makeup free selfie showing what parents deal with on a daily basis when their little ones get them super sick.

"How can a 30lb baby get a little cold, then pass it onto a grown adult and have it knock them the F out?" Decker captioned the snapshot.

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Battling an illness is already tough, and things only get harder when your dog runs away, which was exactly what Decker was dealing with just hours after posting about her cold.

"HELP!!!! Billie Jean has gone missing!!" Decker wrote alongside a pic of her adorable English bulldog. The actress explained that they were having construction done on their family home and somehow a gate was left open. Worse yet, Billie Jean didn't have her collar on.

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Decker and her family quickly printed out "Missing" fliers and started posting them around town, while asking her followers to message her if they had any info. Luckily, in less than an hour, the precious pooch was saved by "an amazing dog loving family" who quickly got her back to her loving owners.

"Whoever was watching out for her is so, so good," Decker wrote on Instagram.

Now that she's got Billie Jean back hopefully she'll be able to kick her cold just as quickly.

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