Gisele Bundchen Gave Her Kids' Halloween Candy Away: 'I Let Them Try One'

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Halloween ended a little early for Gisele Bündchen's kids.

While the 36-year-old model's children, 6-year-old Benjamin (dressed as Mario) and 3-year-old daughter Vivian (dressed as a pony) collected an impressive heap of candy on Halloween night, the Brady children were apparently so disinterested in the fruits of their trick-or-treating labor, that they let their mom give it all away.

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"We don't really have that kind of sugar in our house," Bündchen told Peopleat the grand opening of the Under Armour Boston Brand House on Wednesday. "I let them try one [piece], but they really only had one bite and then they didn't want it anymore."

"So I told them if they didn't like it, I was going to give it away to other kids," she explained, "and they actually let me give their candy away."

"It's a little different kind of sweets, so they're not used to it," the Brazilian beauty continued. "I said to them, 'You know, there are so many kids that don't get candy and you guys got so many, some kids don't even get one! And they're like, 'Oh Mom, OK, you can give it to them if they don't get any.'"

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Benjamin and Vivian may have been no match for Bündchen's Halloween logic, but they have much more power over their dad, Tom Brady.

ET caught up with the New England Patriots quarterback just last month, where he revealed that his daughter in particular has him wrapped around her finger.

"That little girl owns my day -- owns my life," he confessed.

"[I] cannot say no to anything," Brady explained. "Whatever she tells her dad to do, that's what I do. That's just the way it goes."

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