Benedict Cumberbatch Reads James Corden an Election-Themed Bedtime Story on 'The Late Late Show'

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Just ahead of Election Day, Benedict Cumberbatch visited The Late Late Show on Monday night where he read his "son," James Corden, a special bedtime story -- but the British host didn't want to hear a classic tale from the Doctor Strange actor.

Instead he asked him to read the story of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The Oscar nominee then read out a cartoon tale of Hillary Clinton, saying she "wore a jacket of beige, trousers of beige, and shoes of beige" and that she wanted to rule the kingdom "very much, some would say too much."

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Along the way, the cartoon Hillary had to get through a scary forest of emails. Cumberbatch told Corden, "The lady had special powers to make them disappear."

"Disappear, where did they go?" Corden asked.

"Nobody knows, son, but apparently neither did she," Cumberbatch said.

Cumberbatch went on to say that the forest had evil trolls and a "fox" that delivered bad news.

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"Things got scary for the lady," Cumberbatch read. "She was nearly defeated by an old, old man with hair of white. He said he could take from the rich and give to the poor, no matter how impossible his plans were."

But things got even worse when Hillary encountered the "big orange monster."

"This orange monster had somehow already swallowed six other monsters in the forest -- a prince named Jeb, a sleeping beauty named Ben, and a Texas senator named Ted," the actor explained. "Still, nobody expected the orange monster to rule the land because even though his head was very, very big, his wisdom was very, very tiny and he has tiny, tiny baby hands."

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Cumberbatch even pulled out his best Donald Trump impression, saying, "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll put a ban on all Muslims."

He concluded the story by noting that he wasn't sure if "the lady" would actually make it to the White House. Watch the clip to see Cumberbatch's sincere plea to the American public to vote:

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