Megyn Kelly Co-Hosts 'Live!,' Urges Viewers to 'Keep an Open Mind' About President-Elect Donald Trump

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"Straight from the frontlines" is how Kelly Ripa introduced her guest co-host, Megyn Kelly, on Live!'s post-election show on Wednesday morning.

After a long night of covering the election for Fox News, Kelly -- who was rocking a new hairstyle -- joined Ripa on the daytime talk show, and was well received by the audience. "This is very nice," she exclaimed over cheers. "What a delightful way to start your morning."

Ripa then held up newspapers reporting Donald Trump as the president-elect,  while Kelly attempted to explain how many pollsters didn't predict that the Republican nominee would be elected into office or that it would be such a tight race.

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"What they think so far is that there really was a hidden Trump vote," Kelly said. "Some people felt stigamtized about voting for Donald Trump and didn't want to tell the pollsters who they were voting for, but they did want to go into the polling booth and do what they felt was right. It was a resounding victory, there's no question about it."

Kelly added that this election result was unprecedented. "I've never seen anything like this and I don't think we're ever going to see anything like this in our lifetimes," she said. "I think you'll never have a result this shocking, where people got it this shockingly wrong."

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"Love him or hate him, he’s the next President of our country," she noted before imploring viewers to "keep an open mind” about his time in office.

Kelly also had some encouraging words for those who weren't pleased with the election results. “It all winds up being okay,” she said. “For the people who are feeling upset today, this is the United States of America and it’s the most glorious place to live in the world.”

“I hope that we can all sort of move forward and go back to treating each other with kindness and a little dignity,” Ripa, 46, chimed in. “I feel like a lot of that, during this electoral process, but watching people disagree… not just on the front lines, but on the news, go after each other and watching people in the hallway go after each other… you just think, ‘My gosh, we wouldn’t talk to our worst enemies this way and we are talking to each other this way.’ ”

In August 2015, Kelly found herself at the center of the primary election after Trump, then a Republican presidential hopeful, unleashed a series of verbal attacks against her after she moderated the first GOP debate.

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The 45-year-old journalist questioned Trump about controversial remarks he publicly made about women in the past -- including his use of the terms "fat pigs," "dogs," "slobs" and "disgusting animals" in reference to female politicians and celebrities. After the debate, Trump told CNN that Kelly appeared to have it out for him, adding, "There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."

ET sat down with Kelly in January, who didn't appear to have any hard feelings toward the aspiring politician. "Whatever you have to say about Trump you can't deny that he is a compelling television personality," she said. "Part of his appeal is he does speak directly to you. He doesn't use the prompter, there's no veneer, so you feel like you can really connect with him. So I'm not surprised that people respond to him so well."

She continued, "I have no conflict and no bias against Donald Trump."

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