Tony Goldwyn Talks 'Frustrating' Hillary Clinton Email Investigation So Close to the Election

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He plays President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, but actor Tony Goldwyn was really hoping for Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president.

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The ABC star visited Watch What Happens Live! on Wednesday after Donald Trump had won the election to become the 45th President of the United States, where he got candid about his disappointment.

“Turned out not to be so much fun,” Goldwyn said of waiting at the Javits Center in NYC for the election results. He noted that he stayed until around 11 p.m., adding, “It got really not fun really quick.”

A caller asked Goldwyn to speculate on whether the FBI’s most recent investigation into Clinton’s emails cost her the election.

He replied, "Honestly, who knows? All I can tell you is, for those of us who supported her, it was pretty frustrating because 9 days before an election, or it was a little bit more than 9 days, to have a quote unquote bombshell that, a week later, turned out to be absolutely nothing, was pretty frustrating. I know for sure, a lot of people were swayed by that and maybe early voted and that decided things for them. And of course, it turned out to be that there was absolutely nothing there. I don’t know that it was decisive but it certainly had an impact, there's no doubting that."

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Another caller also asked Goldwyn to give Trump advice on being president, which he declined to do, instead saying, " I'm not going to answer the question directly, but since we're on Andy's show, I just feel very strongly that if a reality TV mogul is president of the United States, it really should have been Andy Cohen."

Goldwyn wasn’t the only celebrity shocked by Tuesday’s election results. For the reactions from other stars, watch the clip below.

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