Chelsea Handler Tears Up Talking About Hillary Clinton's Election Loss With Senator Barbara Boxer

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Chelsea Handler was raw and real with her emotions in her post-election Netflix show on Wednesday. The comedian did not crack a single joke as she addressed her audience about the shocking upset of Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election to Donald Trump.

“The election’s over and obviously the result is not what I was hoping for. Like a lot of people in this country, I’m sad, I’m disappointed and I’m confused,” the host admitted. “But if Hillary can make it through a concession speech, then I’m going to make it through a stupid television show, so I’m going to.”

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Appropriately, Handler invited Senator Barbara Boxer, who has a long history in politics and whose daughter Nicole is married to Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham, on the show to discuss her feelings.

“My heart’s on the floor, and I think the first thing to do when something like this happens is admit that,” Boxer said. “A lot of us are on the ground right now. But I have lived a little bit longer than you and the audience here, and I have learned how painful politics can be. But that doesn’t mean you run away. It means you pick yourself up, as the president said, and you fight even harder for our country, ‘cause it’s ours.”

Boxer then recalled her first election for the local office of County Supervisor in 1972, when she was met with sexism and lies and ultimately lost.

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“I was just a mess because I thought, ‘Oh my God, they didn’t like me,’” she recalled. “But remember, Hillary got more votes than Donald Trump. Do you understand what that means? And I take such solace in this, to know that more people said ‘Stronger Together.’”

The senator admitted that she hasn’t spoken to Clinton since her defeat, getting emotional as she said, “I like to write. I have too much to say. I want to think about it.”

Handler was also visibly upset, adding, “As a woman it feels so sexist, and I guess the message I want to spread out to other women is exactly what you’re saying – is not to give up.”

She then openly cried, apologizing, “Sorry, I hate f**king crying on camera – is not to give up because this is so important and it’s easy to throw in the towel or we’re going to leave. Or I’m going to move to Spain, because I want to move to Spain, I really, really want to move to Spain right now. But everyone in my office is like, ‘You have a responsibility, you have a voice. You have to use it. You have to be here.’”

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Though the pair traded a few barbs about the president-elect, they ultimately decided not to dwell on Trump’s faults and to instead embrace the future.

“We just can’t go back to the darkness. We have to go towards the light,” Boxer said. “Of course it’s the flight syndrome – we fought, now we didn’t win, so we’re going to fly away. That’s just what the people who gave this hateful message want us to do. And we’re not going to do it. Forget it!”

For more reactions to the election results, watch the clip below.

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