Hilaria Baldwin Shares Letter to 3-Year-Old Daughter Following Election: Never Let 'Anyone Belittle You'

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Hilaria Baldwin posted several lengthy messages to Instagram about her children's future after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

The first of these posts was a heartfelt open letter to her 3-year-old daughter, Carmen, that encouraged her to never let "anyone belittle you for your gender."

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"We are strong women and worth every bit as much as any man. We are not things to be owned or objectified," Hilaria wrote. "There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful -- just understand that true beauty is transmitted from deep inside your soul and shines outward. I worry you might get confused... I worry that you could fall for misogynistic thoughts and statements."

She went on to share a pic of her kissing her famous husband, Alec Baldwin, and revealed in the caption that after putting up the note to her daughter, she received several messages from Trump supporters, and welcomed them to "PEACEFULLY express who they are in the comments section."

"In my previous posts I have expressed concern. I'm allowed to feel and have concerns. I'm a mother, a citizen, a human being," she explained. "But I want to hear from you too, because I don't matter more than you. No one does."

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Despite her best efforts, Hilaria noted in another Instagram message that she was still receiving negative comments and called out one Instagram user who said if she felt the need to move out of America, "don't let the wall gates hit you in the a** on the way out."

"Let's just be friends and try to move on," she responded.

Hilaria then went back to doting on her three children -- Carmen, Rafael, 1, and Leonardo, 2 months -- by showing how similar they look as newborns. "Funny how I get so tired and sometimes can't wait for them to be sleeping then I just start staring at photos," the proud mother wrote. "So, here they are all as bitty babies--more or less the same age."

Her post soon turned into a message about bullying, and how she copes with the negative feedback she receives from some of her followers. "Bullying is something that unfortunately seems to touch us all and has been ever present in this election," Hilaria continued. "I take a step back and put that meanness in the context of my life (perspective). This makes it seem small and fleeting. Also this gives me the ability to see the other's humanity."

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The 32-year-old yoga instructor added, "I balance myself to find stability, because too often negativity feels like it knocks us over. Then I let the stress go. Not worth it. It's not mine to hold. And I move on towards a better future for my babes."

During the election, Hilaria's husband portrayed Trump in a series of sketches on Saturday Night Live, but when talking with the Today show, she said that the 58-year-old actor's impersonation was not welcome in their home. "We don't practice Trump at home, right honey?" she yelled to Alec during the interview. "We leave Trump at SNL."