GSN's 'Window Warriors: Meet the Remaining Top Designers -- and Find Out Who Was Eliminated After the First Ch


The first season of GSN's Window Warriors kicked off on Tuesday night, introducing the show's contestants, a group of premiere window designers -- and resulting in a shocking elimination.

The worlds of art and commerce will collide each week, giving the contestants a new design challenge while battling it out in front of three trendsetting judges, Carson Kressley, Tai Beauchamp, and Douglas Little. Host Garcelle Beauvais will be leading the window designers into their challenges.

For the first challenge of the show, designers were randomly given one special dress from Macy's to incorporate into a window display that featured a celebration theme. The challenge weeded out the competition, with visual merchandiser Brittany Bush as the first designer to be eliminated, while stylist Timothy Howe won the top window display of the night.

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"I'm really shocked," said designer Spenser Zalkin, who was also in the bottom two with Bush. "I thought her window was really good."

The remaining contestants include New York native Erin O'Brien, who has over 20 years of experience, and the show's most outspoken designer, Edward Sajovic, who studied at The Fashion Institute of New York and says his creative tools of choice are glue guns, spray paint, and glitter.


Others remaining are Spenser Zalkin, whose experience includes floor sets, interior design and pop-up shops, and visual procurement manager Gerardo Mellado, whose design aesthetic includes telling a story through the unexpected -- mixing old and new media, textures, and graphics.


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There's also Timothy Howe, a Los Angeles native who describes himself as a "visual ninja" and defines his competitive edge as 'infusing levity and surprise.'


Rounding up the contestants is Shani Coleman, who describes herself as a "jack of all trades" who honed her fashion forward aesthetic at Syracuse University, as well as Tara Meagher, whose inventive design idea includes repurposing old coffee pots as water fountain displays.


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Watch Window Warriors on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on GSN.