Matthew Broderick and James Corden Have a Musical Argument About How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey


On Tuesday night, James Corden decided to end the age-old Thanksgiving debate – how do you cook a turkey?

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The Late Late Show host began by telling his audience, “Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I know a lot of people are worried about arguing with their family over the holiday over politics, all those things, but, even more viciously, over how to cook a turkey. And on this show, anything worth fighting about is worth singing about.”

The Tony winner then brought out pal Matthew Broderick for a “Fugue for Turkey.” The sketch featured them both in the kitchen, preparing the holiday’s traditional main course in two different ways.

“I’ve got my bird right here, and it’s the time of year, this recipe has made it clear. Deep fry, deep fry, the book says I should deep fry!” Corden sings out.

Meanwhile, Broderick pulls his turkey out of the fridge singing, “I’m making pickled brine. It works out every time. It’s sublime. Slow roast, slow roast, I stand by the plan, slow roast.”

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After singing over one another for a few bars, the duo then broke into a dance sequence, complete with two uncooked turkeys! Watch the clip to see it all play out.

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