John Mayer Makes His Pop Music Return With 'Love on the Weekend': Listen

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John Mayer
, welcome back to pop music!

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter has released the first new single off his upcoming album, titled "Love on the Weekend," and it's giving us all the best throwback vibes.

The sweet track -- about, quite literally, a relationship that runs from Friday to Sunday -- feels like it could have been right at home on his major label debut, 2001's Room for Squares. Listen below!

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Mayer debuted the track on Facebook Live, where he promised lots more music is on the way.

"There are more songs that can fit in your standard-sized album," he teased, "but I do think that next year is a year of more music coming than I've ever put out in any one year."

"I feel like on every record up until this one, the record was a result of a love affair or an obsession that I'd sort of thrown myself into with a certain style of music, so I was writing music at the time I was discovering it," he explained of the creative process. "What's cool about this record is that I didn't do that this time. It's more its own creation. I think as an artist you get to a certain point in your career where you're actually, the training wheels come off and you're you. This is a record that is fully me. I'm borrowing from my own sound, finally."

Mayer has yet to announce an official release date for his forthcoming album, The Search for Everything, but he did discuss the project in a recent interview with ET. Watch below!

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