Courtney Stodden Opens Up About Painful Miscarriage for New PETA Video

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Courtney Stodden is opening up about the pain of her miscarriage in a new anti-SeaWorld campaign launched by PETA.

The 22-year-old model, who suffered a miscarriage back in July, appeared in a short video shot by the activist organization, in which she says she can relate to the emotional pain suffered by Corky, an orca whale who is kept in captivity at SeaWorld San Diego.

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"The feeling of losing a child is one that no mother should ever have to experience,” Stodden shared in the video. "That's why it breaks my heart to think of Corky — an orca who has lost all seven of her babies, the last of whom was found floating lifeless at the bottom of a tank at SeaWorld."

In the emotional video, Stodden delivers an impassioned plea, asking SeaWorld to release Corky into a seaside sanctuary where she would be able to swim freely in the open waters with her remaining pod of family members.

"SeaWorld, take it from someone who has experienced great personal loss. Corky has suffered enough," Stodden said. "Please, do the right thing and let her go home. The time is now."

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In August, Stodden cut off all her hair in an attempt to heal after suffering the miscarriage. However, she told ET one month later that the change hadn't helped.

"I'm just feeling a little lost right now," Stodden shared. "I thought shaving my head would give me some kind of relief from the pain I've been experiencing… but it hasn't." Check out the video below to hear more from the reality star about coping with her tragic loss.