Natalie Portman Is Living Out 'Every Jew's Secret Wish' and Getting a Christmas Tree This Year!

The actress revealed that, since Hanukkah and Christmas are around the same time this year, she's celebrating with a tree for the first time!

This year, Natalie Portman is enjoying the best of Hanukkah and Christmas!

The Oscar winner sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's Tonight Show, where she was overjoyed at the chance to get the best of both worlds.

"I celebrate Hanukkah, I'm Jewish, but my husband's [Benjamin Millepied] family celebrates Christmas," Portman explained. "So we usually do Hanukkah at ours and Christmas at theirs. But this year it's the same time, which is really nice!"

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This year, Hanukkah kicks off on Christmas Eve -- unlike last the last few years when the eight-night celebration began much earlier in the month.

This year, Millepied's parents are coming over to Portman's parents' house for the holidays, and the actress couldn't be more excited that her mom and dad finally had an excuse to put up a Christmas tree.

"My whole life, no Christmas tree, and then all of the sudden they have this great excuse," Portman joked. "It's like every Jew's secret wish to have a Christmas tree."

"It took 35 years to get here!" Portman added, excitedly.

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To commemorate the fun occasion, Fallon got Portman the perfect present: a Tonight Show ornament to adorn her first Christmas tree.

This year, Portman and her hubby are celebrating Christmas as expectant parents once again. The Jackie star is currently expecting the couple's second child, which the couple are preparing to welcome sometime in the Spring.

Check out the video below for more on Portman's forthcoming bundle of joy.