'Walking Dead' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says Negan's Brutality Has Inspired 'Weird' Sexual Fan Mail

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Walking Dead
fans definitely love to hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan… but it seems some love to love him as well.

During an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, Morgan revealed that he's surprisingly been the recipient of quite a lot of fan mail -- some of which includes details of viewers' Negan-related sexual desires.

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"It's mostly women who I get really weird fan mail from," Morgan shared, explaining that much of this mail includes women's bedroom fantasies.

"Like, they just want to be, I don't know, gagged and tied up and beat on a little bit," he added.

Funny enough, Morgan said he was expecting a much different response from fans after his character made his brutal debut in April.

"I don't know if the fans are going to be ready for it, to be honest with you," he told ET ahead of the zombie drama's shocking season six finale. "It is going to be a whole new deal."

"I am fully prepped for hate mail and everything else," he added. "So bring it."

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See more in the video below.