James Corden Fires Fruits and Vegetables at Jessica Alba, Kate Mara and Ken Jeong in Hilarious 'Late Late Show


Try not to flinch! James Corden tested the reflexes of several stars on Wednesday night’s Late Late Show. In the game called “Flinch,” the British host positioned actors Ken Jeong, Jessica Alba, and Kate Mara behind a glass panel before firing fruits and vegetables at them.

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Jeong went first and was mid-sentence when an apple rocketed toward him, causing him to flinch majorly.

Later in the evening Jeong got some revenge, giving Corden a smooch under the mistletoe while wearing Alba’s Honest Company lipstick.

Alba herself opted to have an avocado fired at her, jumping back as the green veggie smashed into the panel before her.

But no one was more anxious than Mara. She was given a tomato and stood behind the glass shaking and awaiting her fate.

“No, no, no, no, I can’t talk to you right now,” Mara said, shaking while Corden questioned her. “I’m too scared!”

As she uttered the last word, the tomato came hurling toward her.

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Corden was also subjected to the game, but turned out to be a pro. Watch the clip to see his reaction!

And for more of the Late Late Show antics, watch the video below!