Sam Claflin Speaks Out Against Getting Photoshop Treatment, Jokes He Has a Dad Bod

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We've all heard the stories of magazines Photoshopping women into unrecognizable versions of themselves, but Sam Claflin just proved it happens to men too.

The 30-year-old actor took to Instagram on Friday to share a swoon-worthy photo of his rock-hard abs and admitted those abs aren't his.

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"This picture has been following me around for some years, and well, there are many people I want to thank for it," Claflin began, giving a shoutout to the man whose body was pasted below his head, and the person who took the time to do the pasting.

"To everyone who actually believed (even for a second) that this could be me. Wow. Bless you. Like, really, really thank you. I'm flattered. But it isn't me," he confessed.

"Don't get me wrong. I have worked out before, and I really like it when I do, but to THIS extent? Not something I've done yet. Maybe one day, eh? Right now, I'm enjoying my work and being a Dad for the first time, and it's getting way too close to Christmas for me to spend any free time I DO have in the gym. But bless you," Claflin concluded, adding the hashtags, #dadbod and #imhappyandyoushouldbetoo.

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While the body might not be his, Claflin might be selling himself a little short. He did, after all, share this impressive pic documenting the body he sculpted for Me Before You.

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49/50 final thought I had to get myself in peak physical condition to play Will before the accident, and that came along with at least one long and hard daily session in the gym and a very strict diet, with little sleep. It was important for me to show the distinct differences between him before and after the accident, not only emotionally and mentally, but physically too. I shed over 3 stone in the three months I was training, and honestly pushed my personal limits. A lot of people struggle with every day life, and do it alone, I was fortunate to have a wonderful support network around me, guiding me through the process step by step. I'm not saying I'm a hero. I'm merely saying I found it tough and therefore appreciate what other people go through. I'm an actor. I do what I can to make each part I play as believable as I can. To play it honestly. And truthfully. And hope people invest within that character. The two sides of Will, are of course just one person, but I believe we are all made up of many different versions of ourselves. A lot of us haven't been tested the way Will has, but something as life-changing as that, will affect people differently. Every person is different. Everyone deals with circumstance and situation differently. And everyone should be able to make choices in life without judgement or comment. This film is Wills journey. Enjoy your journey. #liveboldly #50daycountdown #willtraynor @mebeforeyouofficial

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Not too shabby, not too shabby.

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