EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel Is Single Again, Calls it 'Dating Purgatory': 'No Man Is Going to Complete Me'

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Bethenny Frankel is in no rush to leave the single life behind.

The Real Housewives of New York star sat down with ET's Jennifer Peros at her New York City apartment to discuss B Strong -- a crisis intervention initiative for women she has launched in partnership with the international non-profit, Dress For Success -- but also took a moment to update us on her single status after previously dating banker Dennis Shields.

"I am kind of in purgatory right now," the reality star reveals. "I have been dating but I have pulled back a little bit."

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"I am not in a place where I want everything to be rushed, and I don't want the big white dress, and someone to rush me down the aisle," Frankel adds, "Because what happens when you are in the public, and you date? Everyone is like, 'She is happy she found love again, she is the happiest she has ever been.'"

"That is part of the [B Strong] message, to not need a man," she explains. "We are not living in the Jerry Macguire movie and no man is going to complete me. I complete myself."

As for getting married again, Frankel says, "It's not something that I couldn't see, it's just not something that I see right now."

Still, Frankel is interested in expanding her family. Just last month the reality star offered to adopt a 5-year-old who was abandoned at NYC's Port Authority bus station and says more children are "not out of the question."

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Being there for others, women in particular, Frankel says, is really what the B Strong initiative is really about.

"I've been partners with Dress For Success with for years, where I have tried to create awareness, and donate money and help them out," Frankel explains."It is an amazing charity that people think is about donating clothes for women's interviews, but it is really about helping them get jobs, and helping other women get jobs."

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"A couple of months ago I approached them and asked them if I could do a charity within theirs, called B Strong," she adds. "For women in crisis, to council them ... There are moments, crossroad moments, where people are really in crisis and it could be medical, financial abuse, emotional abuse."

"It's a really big issue... the emotional abuse, going through a really difficult time," Frankel says. "It is really important to be open about it, and to talk to other people about it."

Starting in 2017, and available to current members of the Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group, the B Strong program will provide a multi-layered support system, resources and financial assistance to women coping with crisis situations.

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