Jennifer Lawrence Makes Interview Awkward for Chris Pratt With Just One Question -- Watch!

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It was apparently too early in the day to put Chris Pratt on the spot when he showed up to Good Morning America on Wednesday.

Prior to his appearance on the show, Michael Strahan had interviewed the actor's Passengers co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, and instructed her to ask Pratt a question that they would then relay to him. "What's your favorite part about me?" the 26-year-old actress inquired. "If he had to choose, and be specific."

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"Well, thankfully, thankfully, she's beautiful on the inside," Pratt, 37, answered.

Strahan and the GMA co-anchors were not pleased with that answer. "I don't think that's what she was asking," Strahan quipped.

"Honestly, her sense of humor. She's really, really funny. She roles with the punches," Pratt responded. "She's genuinely hilarious. We laughed every day, all day making this movie."

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Continuing to gush over Lawrence, Pratt added, "She's an Oscar award-winning actor. I feel like I learned a lot from her."

The co-stars do seem to get along nicely and in addition to doing the media and red carpet rounds together, they also made time to stop off and surprise a group of students from Ghetto Film School on Tuesday while they were checking out an interactive Passengers exhibit in New York City. The actors led a Q&A with the aspiring filmmakers and, according to Page Six, walked in on the students doing a mannequin challenge.

For more of the co-stars' antics, check out Pratt's epic Instagram posts:

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