John Legend Reveals How Many More Kids He Wants, Shares His Political Plans

Blair Getz Mezibov / MR PORTER

Fatherhood looks good on John Legend!

The 37-year-old singer/songwriter talks about expanding his family, politics, and his new movie La La Land, in a new interview with Mr. Porter.

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Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, welcomed daughter Luna, in April, but the road to conception wasn't easy. As Legend notes, "Sometimes it's just harder for some people than for others."

The couple has underwent IVF, and once they were officially pregnant, Legend was immediately inspired by his daughter’s imminent birth.

"As soon as I found out we were pregnant, I started writing songs about what it felt like to be a new father,"explains the Ohio native. "I already was so inspired, before I even saw Luna."

On the topics of siblings for Luna, Legend admits that he's hoping for "a few more."

"Three or four," he shares adding, "We'll play it by ear though."

Blair Getz Mezibov / MR PORTER
Blair Getz Mezibov / MR PORTER
Blair Getz Mezibov / MR PORTER
Blair Getz Mezibov / MR PORTER

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For now, Luna is more than enough to keep Legend and Teigen busy. Their adorable 7-month-old daughter melts hearts everywhere she goes, and she even received a little onesie from President Obama, complete with a signed card.

“That was pretty cool,” Legend says of the president's gesture.

Despite developing a relationship with the POTUS and first lady Michelle Obama, Legend's future in politics is more complicated.

"I am in politics as far as I’m concerned," he explains. "I speak out about political issues, I fight for legislation that I think is important."

So, does the Academy Award winner see himself running for president in 2020? Not so much.

"I think it would be entertaining," he says.

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To close out what has already been an exciting 2016, Legend will make his acting debut in the heavily anticipated musical, La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. While the film is already generating Oscar buzz, Legend knows that everyone isn’t a fan of musicals.

"I'm actually not either," he admits. "I was skeptical because musicals can get kind of cheesy sometimes, so I’m not like the biggest Broadway fan. But this really works."

ET caught up with the La La Land cast in L.A. this week, where Stone and Legend couldn't help gushing over Gosling's new piano skills. See how the duo rated Gosling's musical talents in the video below.