Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Forgetting to Take Tag Off Her Coat, Jokes About Shoplifting Past

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Whoops! Jennifer Aniston visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to explain her recent wardrobe malfunction in which she was spotted wearing a coat with the tags still on it.

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"I look like something horrible has just happened," Aniston quipped, referencing the paparazzi photo. “Here's the sad part of this story. I've worn this coat at least four times. It very sweetly was gifted to me from a commercial that I just shot. So I wore it home, thinking... I didn't think about it at all, to be honest. Then four years later, this happened. It's not even like it's a light tag!"

The actress' faux pas was exposed while at an NYC screening earlier this week.

When Kimmel accused Aniston of shoplifting , she admitted that the illegal act was in her past.

"[I stole] beads. From a bead shop. like, when you're [making] bead necklaces when you're eight years old,” she revealed. “I was with my friend Monique and we were walking home, we weren't with our parents at eight years old, so that just, tells you a lot. We just sort of, you know, 'cause they were little. We thought we were awesome. And then we came home and we laid them all out just thinking about all the necklaces we were going to make, and then her mom walks in. We weren't hiding it, you know what I mean, like if you had stolen something. We weren't smart thieves. So then we had to go back and personally return them."

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Aniston also personally apologized to the audience and viewers saying, “It will never happen again.”

For more from the wardrobe malfunction incident, watch the clip below!