Adam Levine Believes 'The Voice' Made Him 'More Equipped' for Fatherhood

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Fatherhood looks good on Adam Levine!

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old Maroon 5 frontman will complete his first season of The Voice since welcoming daughter Dusty Rose earlier this year – but he hasn't had any trouble balancing his new "crazy" life.

"I think coaching over the years leading up to my daughter probably helped me," he said on Monday night during a backstage press conference for The Voice. "I was more equipped for it because I had to actually do things that I had never done when I started this show, like be a mentor or a coach. I think before that, you don't even have any idea what you're doing on this show and you kinda learn these things as you go, and I actually probably have been able to apply some of them to being a parent."

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"I don't really know if that's true," he quickly added. "But you kinda put your man pants on and you're like, 'Alright, cool, I'm gonna help these people' and you become a father and I think some of that probably carries over."

Throwing in a dash of his signature dry wit, Levine continued. "But, yeah, my life's crazy. F**king maniac. I'm everywhere all the time. It's awesome!"

Meanwhile, on-screen frenemy Blake Shelton couldn't help but throw a dig at his pal when asked if he'd noticed a change in Levine since becoming a dad.

"Nothing for the better," Shelton deadpanned.

Levine playfully teased Shelton earlier in the conference when asked about his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, returning to the show next season.

"It's your girlfriend, it's your girlfriend," Levine taunted in a sing-song voice.

"Blake's really excited!" Alicia Keys chimed in. "And I'm really excited because, yes, I don't think The Voice should ever go another season without at least two women, preferably three. I feel like we should really switch it up. One of y'all should take a break."

"You already have Adam. Isn't that good enough?" Shelton responded. "It's like one-and-a-half men."

"You're three-and-a-half idiots," Levine fired back.

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One thing the coaches could agree on are the contributions Miley Cyrus has made to the show in her first season as a coach.

"The surprise came with seeing her really connect to the experience of being on The Voice in an amazing way," Levine gushed. "You never know how people are gonna respond to it. I would have thought maybe Alicia, 'OK, she's gonna love it. It's gonna take a second, but she's gonna love it.' And I wasn't sure with Miley 'cause she could have been like, 'I don't like this pace.' She wasn't. She was super engaged and I think strangely enough kind of, I feel like reached a different level in her life. It seems like she's really gone through this amazing metamorphosis. I could be totally wrong, and I'm way speaking out of line because I don't really know how she feels, but there's something that changed in her in a really cool way."

"She's all growns up -- some weird s**t like that," he cracked. "She's wonderful. We love her to pieces."

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