See Kelly Clarkson's Stunning Acoustic Performance of 'It's Quiet Uptown' From 'Hamilton Mixtape'

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Be still, our Hamilton-loving hearts!

Kelly Clarkson
has debuted a live, acoustic version of her Hamilton Mixtape offering, "It's Quiet Uptown," and it's everything.

Commanding the room in a simple black dress, backed by just a piano, Clarkson's vocals took center stage at iHeartRadio New York, where she performed on the Honda Stage. See the mesmerizing moment below.

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"That was the hardest song I've ever had to record," Clarkson told ET last week. "The poor producer, Jason Albert, was like -- I mean, we both were just tearing up because it was so emotional."

Clarkson was pregnant with son Remy Alexander at the time she recorded the track, and she hadn't been able to travel and see the musical in person.

"I didn't know what it was about. I didn't know the story about the son," she recalled. "I recorded that full-on pregnant, which wasn't easy, speaking of your diaphragm. And then singing it live is another level of emotional. It's always that hard debate within myself like, 'Do I shut myself off and be cold and not cry and get through the performance and technically be perfect? Or do I allow myself to feel?'"

Clarkson made it through the acoustic performance without a tear -- but we can't say the same for ourselves!

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