Prince Harry Surprises Aid Workers on Disaster Relief Team MapAction: 'It Brings Order to Chaos'


Prince Harry is continuing to use his influence to shed light on good causes. The 32-year-old royal is the patron for the disaster relief group MapAction, which released video footage of the prince surprising aid workers in Norway this fall.

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MapAction gathers data from the scene of emergencies and is able to translate that information into the form of a map, identifying the critical areas in need of immediate response. Harry visited the organization during a simulation exercise to see how the work is executed.

“MapAction brings order to chaos. Its unique mapping skills help all the other aid workers in a disaster or emergency,” Harry said in the clip, released by Kensington Palace on Wednesday. “MapAction is helping more people in a shorter space of time and allowing other humanitarian organizations to get to the areas most affected, to start saving lives as soon as possible.”

The son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana wants to continue to help highlight the work of MapAction, which was created in 2004 and has since responded to 64 disasters.

“To see highly-skilled individuals give up their time like this is remarkable. Considering how few people there are, it is unbelievable how much they can achieve,” Harry said. “It’s the glue that binds everyone together. After being Patron for nearly ten years, I want more and more people to know what MapAction does.”

Harry also recently returned from a two-week Royal Tour of the Caribbean, on which he traveled to seven different countries, meeting with many locals and children and even getting an HIV test with singer Rihanna on World AIDs Day.

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But all this hard work doesn’t mean the prince isn’t enjoying his down time. His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, is currently in London for the holidays and the pair were spotted shopping for a Christmas tree together in Battersea Park on Monday evening.

"They seemed like they were getting on well," Pines and Needles employee Ollie Wilkinson told ET of the couple. "They walked off hand in hand and he was carrying a tree on his shoulder."

For more on their Christmas tree shopping date, watch the clip below!

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