Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon Interview Each Other With Snapchat Filters


Who knew it would be so funny to see Arnold Schwarzenegger with a dog filter? The 69-year-old actor visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday where host Jimmy Fallon convinced him to be interviewed while rocking various Snapchat filters.

“How do you prepare for your roles?” Fallon asks wearing a pirate filter and talking in a gruff voice.

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Schwarzenegger, who sported a deer filter, didn’t alter his iconic voice, instead choosing to grin while he said, “Well, I just look through the script and then I read through it and see if there’s a nude scene and if there’s a nude scene, I work out twice as hard.”

The topics remained generic, but the filters made it hilarious. Schwartzenegger seemed particularly taken with the dog filter, declaring, “I’m having a great time. Can we do this all night?”

Finally the pair Face Swapped for a comical final question.

Once they finished their Snapchat silliness, Fallon asked Schwartzenegger about his new role as host of the Celebrity Apprentice. The SNL alum had some suggestions for the actor’s catchphrase on the reality show.

“Hasta la vista baby?” he suggested, quoting Terminator 2.

“You won’t be back,” Fallon added, delivering Schwartzenegger’s famous Terminator line.

But the final suggestion seemed to be Schwartzenegger’s favorite – “You’re fired, get to the chopper!”

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It seems like the former governor of California might already have a catchphrase of his own. In a clip from the show, he tells the celebrity contestants, “My job is to terminate you one by one!”

It looks like Schwartzenegger is having lots of fun in both his professional and personal life. He recently reunited with his ex-wife, Maria Shriver, for his daughter Katherine’s birthday. For more on the reunion, watch the clip below!