Jennifer Lawrence Reveals The Moment She Knew She Made It and It Adorably Involves Paul Rudd

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Jennifer Lawrence may have won an Oscar, but it's another moment that made her realize she had finally made it as an actress.

During her appearance on Chelsea on Friday, the 26-year-old actress discussed the busy schedule that comes with being an in demand actress, and shared the adorable moment she felt like really made it.

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"When did you feel in your career that you'd really gotten to achieve what you set out to do?" host Chelsea Handler asked the Passengers star.

"When Paul Rudd told me that he thought we would always be friends," Lawrence said without hesitation.

"When people look back and wonder what happened, when she changed, when it all got destroyed, it will be right here, in this moment, because I've always looked at Paul Rudd and thought we would be friends," she hilariously added.

Watch below:

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While Lawrence clearly holds Rudd in high esteem, there's another actor she's not too pleased with right now: her Passengers co-star, Chris Pratt.

After weeks of being cropped out of Pratt's viral Instagram selfies in a prank war between the two, Lawrence finally got her sweet revenge. 

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