Reese Witherspoon's Mom Gives the Best Review of 'La La Land': 'Ryan Gosling, Hot. Love, Mom'

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Can Reese Witherspoon's mom please review every movie?

Maybe! After all, the Oscar winner did put in a good word for her mother, Betty, last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Fallon was all about having Betty be a regular on his show. “Mom, if you’re watching, get 10 of ‘em ready to go," he said, suggesting "Betty Reviews" as the title of the series.

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During her Tonight Show appearance on Friday, Witherspoon, 40, told Fallon that her mom enjoys giving snap-judgments on all the latest films, which she said are very to the point.

About La La Land, the superstar's mom kept her commentary short and sweet: “Ryan Gosling, hot. Love, Mom.” And Betty's thoughts on this year's other major Oscar contender, Manchester by the Sea? “Orphans. Men. Sad. Love, Mom.”

The mother-of-three also joshed Fallon for the gift he gave her first daughter, 17-year-old Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, when she was a newborn. "You didn't have any kids at the time, so you didn't know that you're not supposed to buy a new mom like a super loud...", she began, as the host cracked up over her unamused reaction.

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"Yeah, it was really funny," Witherspoon said, sarcastically rolling her eyes.

Fallon noted he didn't have any kids at the time, to which Witherspoon responded that she plans on seeking retribution as soon as he has his third.
"When you have your next baby, I'm gonna buy you a gong," she said.

On Tuesday, Witherspoon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the host that she doesn't think she looks like Ava. See the video below for more.