Mark Zuckerberg's In-Home A.I. System is Voiced by Morgan Freeman and Based on 'Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S.!

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Mark Zuckerberg
is already living in the future!

The Facebook creator and multi-billionaire is starting out on a new venture, inspired by Marvel's Tony "Iron Man" Stark, involving an Artificial Intelligence named Jarvis designed to help run his smart home.

Zuckerberg shared a promotional video to his social media platform showing what Jarvis is capable of -- including turning on and off the lights, cooking food for him and his wife, Priscilla Chan, and teaching their 1-year-old daughter, Max, how to speak Mandarin.

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However, the coolest part of the whole thing has to be the fact that Jarvis is voiced by none other than Morgan Freeman.

While it still would have been cool to model it after Paul Bettany, who provides J.A.R.V.I.S.’ voice in the Iron Man films, nothing beats hearing Freeman calmly and methodically teaching a baby how to speak Mandarin.

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The A.I., which is voice-operated, is also capable of controlling the house's temperature, alerting the Zuckerberg family when someone's at the front door, and playing music. However, it apparently refuses to play any Nickelback songs, which just seems like a rule Freeman himself probably follows in his own home.

The 79-year-old Oscar winner isn’t the only voice option Jarvis has. In one part of the video, as Max runs out of the room, Jarvis yells "Stop her! She’s getting away! Do it now!" with the commanding inflection of Terminator-era Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Zuckerberg also shared another video detailing his wife’s various "mishaps" with Jarvis throughout the development of the A.I. system.

The cute clips give an adorable look at the 32-year-old tech mogul's day-to-day life hanging out with his family. Zuckerberg has occasionally shared similar glimpses of his family in the past with videos about his daughter's many milestones -- including when she said her first word! Check out the video below to hear more.

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