Dancing Warriors Mom Takes Center Stage With Team Dancers -- Watch!


Welcome the big time, Dancing Warriors Mom!

Robin Schreiber, the Golden State Warriors fan whose intense moves on the dance cam went viral last month, was invited to bring her dance moves out of the stands and onto the court.

The former teacher dazzled fans at Oracle Arena on Tuesday night when she performed alongside the Warriors' dance team during a break in the Warriors-Jazz game.

While we already know Schreiber can freestyle with the best of them, she showed she can handle choreographed moves, too, as she kept up with the other dancers.

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The Oakland native opened up to local station KTVU about her rise to Internet fame.

"After the election I kind of felt people were down and needed something more upbeat, so I decided to don my sweater once again and get up and dance!" said Schreiber, who reportedly danced on the jumbotron 21 times last year. "I danced really silly and people were laughing and I think it's gotten people's spirits up."

Schreiber admitted that her now famous Warriors sweater was actually a gift for her son that didn't fit him.

"[My husband and son] dared me to wear it!" she said. "I didn't really care for the sweater."

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