Tina Knowles Taking Social Media Break After 'Accidentally' Liking Comment Dissing Jennifer Hudson

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Tina Knowles is taking a break from social media.

Beyonce's mom took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce she would be saying goodbye to the site for a while after she inadvertently liked a comment dissing Jennifer Hudson.

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While Miss Tina would never intentionally slam Hudson, she did own up to the mistake that caused "evil mean people" to make "this into a social media ugly thing."

"I've known Jennifer Hudson for many years and have totally been in admiration of her talent and beauty and kindness I would never ever say anything negative about her or agree with anything negative," Knowles wrote.

"My children worried that I might accidentally touch something when looking at other sites and have warned me about it. They always say that I am not that great on social media I have to be very careful," she continued, explaining that she must have "accidentally" liked the comment in question ("Jhud sounds horrible") while scrolling through videos of Beyoncé. "I absolutely would not have touched a like or dislike on one of these sites."

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"I think if you look through my Instagram you'll see that I am not a hater and I am not negative about people so to Jennifer for my mistake of accidentally touching it which I don't remember doing I really apologize I totally love and Admire you," Knowles said. "I'd have to be pretty stupid to do that knowing it would be everywhere, but I will be taking a break from social media as this is the bad side of it."

See the video that started it all below:

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While we'll miss Knowles' amazing social media posts, we know we'll always be able to count on her for sharing her honest opinion.

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