EXCLUSIVE: Chrissy Metz Dishes on Knee Injury and Hopes for Her 'This Is Us' Character Ahead of Golden Globes

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This is Us
 star Chrissy Metz had fans worried when she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport in a wheelchair after the holidays, but as the 36-year-old revealed to ET’s Lauren Zima at the Annual BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party on Saturday, fortunately the injury is nothing serious.

"I cut a little rug with my nephew on New Year's Eve," the Golden Globe nominee said, explaining how the injury came about. "I think it was just a slow tear. It's a meniscus tear, but I had a cortisone shot and I was able to walk, so it's good."

WATCH: 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Arrives at LAX in a Wheelchair Ahead of the Golden Globe

The holidays were otherwise "wonderful and really relaxing," revealed Metz, who took her new boyfriend home to meet her family. "It was amazing," she gushed. "He's really great with my whole family and he fit right in, so it was really nice."

Speaking of family, Metz's portrayal of Kate Pearson on the family drama This Is Us earned her a Golden Globe nomination this year in the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, Comedy or Limited Series category. Kate is always putting others before her own needs, Metz says she'd like to see her character grow beyond that when the show returns later this month.

"So much of [Kate's] life has been about other people and she's kind of the glue that's been holding her brothers together. Always the diplomat," she says. "It's important for her to say, 'I'm making the decision myself,' whatever that means, however that will affect a relationship."

Earlier this month, Metz told ET that the return of the show will have some resolution for fans thrown by the shock cliff-hanger ending. "There are going to be questions answered. You'll have a little closure," she promised.

As for Sunday's Golden Globes, Metz is taking it and the other awards shows "one hour at a time."

If she wins, she mostly plans to wing her speech. "I have something loosely [written]… just a lot of gratitude, and then we'll see what organically comes about," she says. "It's weird to even think about. I'm sure I'll cry or laugh hysterically -- there is no in between."

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Either way, we can't wait to see what happens!

See why ET rates Metz as one of the breakout stars of the season in the video below.