'Mariah's World': Mariah Carey Courts Bryan Tanaka Before Reuniting in Paris With Ex-Fiance James Packer

Plus, Mimi's most epic shade ever??

Last week on E!'s special docu-series Mariah's World, the show's lingerie-loving megastar, Mariah Carey, decided to schlep her injured boytoy dancer, Bryan Tanaka, around on her European tour despite her steely manager's preference to send him home. Now, during this dramatic and shady sixth installment, the two budding lovebirds are in Paris, spending some quality time together.

For reasons unexplained, the man known simply as Tanaka (like Cher) dresses up for Mariah as a "lamb with cameltoe." (She calls her fans "lambs," but that's all we got.) On her private jet, Mariah sits on his lap -- her chest nearly pressed against his face -- and fixes his hair, explaining that, "I'm doing this only for this reason." Also, they go shopping. While browsing, Mimi isn't fond of a tiger-print jacket he tries on because she thinks it distracts from the main event. ("Dahling, when you have a canvas, you don't need to add much to it.")

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Though they're in the midst of Mariah's Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Tour, the fantasy is short-lived for Tanaka, who comes face-to-face with Mimi’s then-fiancé, James Packer, at a birthday dinner (FYI: Mariah's World loves getting festive) for Stella Bulochnikov, Mariah's manager.

After Stella goes out of her way to sit the singer's two male admirers apart to avoid "any nonsense," James chats with Mariah as Mariah plays with her hair. She's happy to see him and says it was "really nice, 'cause I know he's so busy."

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Cut to Tanaka, who uncomfortably looks onward, like he already misses dressing up as a lamb for the lady he calls "The Queen." His deep, long-gestating feelings for the musical monarch are called into question, however, when he witnesses the diva getting fitted for her wedding gown with daughter Monroe, and then again later, when Packer attends a launch party for Mariah's vodka (by the way, Mariah Carey has her own vodka).

There, James and Mariah intimately exchange sweet nothings like two people demonstrating their extreme adoration for each other on Facebook. They tell each other "I love you"; Mariah calls James "amazing." "No, you are," he gushes back. (Note: Tanaka has also said he loves Mariah.)

The singer tells James she wanted to dedicate her song "Hero" to him during her concert that night, but instead, was focused on Prince's death, which happened before Mariah's show in Paris and left the devastated singer in tears. Because she'd already dedicated her inspirational No. 1 to him at least once before, he insists that, "you never have to do it for me again."

Meanwhile, Tanaka can't believe James and Mariah are even hanging out ("He's never around," he says. "I've never really seen them together."), but because they are, he's experiencing a "reality check" over his up-in-the-air relationship with the then-engaged chanteuse.

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Tanaka suggests they're barely a couple, which makes sense after Mimi revealed in an earlier episode that her and James have separate yachts because they're on different sleeping schedules. Furthermore, James isn't engaged with her social media, so Mariah is unconcerned that he may see a snap of her butt cheeks on Instagram. Stella's 12-year-old daughter, Mishka, who runs Mariah's social accounts because the singer loves her young, "fresh perspective," posted the pic. It went viral.

Mariah doesn't love that her booty is hanging out on her IG -- she calls it "totally inappropriate" -- but knows that James is too busy being rich to care. ("He doesn't sit on my Instagram, FYI," she says. "He's making, like, billions of dollars and stuff.")
Later, for some reason (perhaps, simply, because this is Mariah's World), Mishka rummages through Mariah's undergarments, holds up some lace panties and questions Mimi's underwear habits: "Why don't you ever wear these?"

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This leads to a classic back-and-forth: "How do you know if I wear those or I don't wear those?" inquires Mariah, while donning a black, lace bra underneath an open silk robe.

Mishka suggests wearing them in public.

"WHAAAT?" Mimi retorts, shocked.

"Out in public where? Where are we going that I'm wearing those?"

"To dinner. To lunch."

"That's for lunch?"

Miska quips: "It's for breakfast."

Mariah then holds up a frumpy granny nightgown with absolutely no plunging neckline and tells Mishka, "This is what you've driven me to."

And now, to end, a moment of good ol' shade, courtesy of supreme shader Mariah Carey. Amid man drama and important questions over whether Mimi's romp should be displayed on social media, Mariah did not pass on the opportunity to not-so-subtly let her famous "I don't know her" quote resurface. After taking a pic with a fan's selfie stick, the diva reaffirmed her devotion to her diehard fans. "You don't understand: I knoooooow them," she started, before going in for the kill: "The rest of these people, they don't know their fans."

With just two episodes left, what other shade is upon us? Will Mariah go all grandma on us when she ends up in bed with some mystery fella as previewed at the end of Sunday's episode? In the meantime, shout your comments below or to (self-proclaimed lamb) @ChrisAzzopardi on Twitter using the hashtag #ETNow!

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