Ed Sheeran Finally Addresses Reports That Princess Beatrice Accidentally Cut His Face With a Sword

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Ed Sheeran has kept pretty mum about how he got the scar on his right cheek until he all but confirmed a story going around about his injury.

Last November, BBC News and several other media outlets claimed that Princess Beatrice accidentally cut Sheeran with a sword at a costume party. The injury reportedly occurred during a mock knighting of James Blunt at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, the home of the royal's father, Prince Andrew.

“I can’t talk about it,” the 25-year-old musician joked when asked about the incident on Friday's episode of The Graham Norton Show. “I don’t know what will happen if I do!”

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Sheeran said he has "no idea" how that story "came out."

"There weren’t a lot of people there that night,” he admitted. “For two weeks after, I had a huge gash on my face and would tell people I fell and then suddenly, the story came out.”

Backtracking a bit, Sheeran added, "The alleged story came out."

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"I remember telling my dad about it and he didn’t believe me,” he recalled. “[He] said, ‘No, what really happened?’”

Now, the "Thinking Out Loud" singer quite likes the scar. "I think it adds!” he told iHeartRadio host Elvis Duran earlier this month. “I started going under the radar when I first got big, then I got loads of tattoos and then everyone was like, ‘Okay, you’re definitely you because you have red hair and tattoos,’ so I started wearing hoodies and hats."

Sheeran quipped, "Now I’ve got this face scar, there’s no not recognizing me because it’s like, ‘You’ve got ginger hair, tattoos, and a face scar, it’s definitely you!'"

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