Annette Bening Says She Knew Warren Beatty Had a Crush on Ellen DeGeneres: 'He Talked About You All the Time'

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Annette Bening admitted that she knew her husband had a crush on Ellen DeGeneres, but she didn’t want to tell him that the talk show host was gay.

"He talked about you all the time," Bening said with a smile during an appearance on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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DeGeneres noted that Beatty's crush was "fruitless," to which Bening playfully replied, "I didn't want to share that with him."

The 58-year-old actress also dished on the couple's upcoming 25th wedding anniversary, revealing why her husband is better at buying presents.

"I'm easier to buy gifts for," she said, sharing that the first anniversary present that she received from Beatty was a "beautiful wishbone pin."

"Our house was damaged very badly in the ’94 [Northridge, California] earthquake, in fact it was destroyed, and I lost the pin," Bening recalled. "One day, maybe six years [later] I went back in the room where I knew the pin was, I opened the drawer and it was sitting there."

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With Oscar nominations coming next week, Bening discussed her buzzed-about role in 20th Century Women, co-starring Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig and Billy Crudup.

“It’s about a group of people growing up together in Santa Barbara in 1979, and in that I include myself, I [play] the mom but I’m growing up as much as my kids.”

DeGeneres is pretty confident that Bening will be getting an Oscar nod for her performance, but she’s not the only one singing her praises.

"Talent, beauty, wit, humility… grace," Beatty gushed to ET about his wife during the Los Angeles premiere of his film, Rules Don’t Apply, last November.

"What I don't get to say, and I don't like to say it in front of her, but she is the best actress alive."

See more of Beatty's ET interview below.