Bryan Tanaka Confronts Mariah Carey About James Packer in New 'Mariah's World' Promo -- Watch!

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Bryan Tanaka wants answers from Mariah Carey.

The 33-year-old dancer confronts Carey about her future with then-fiance James Packer in a new promo for the upcoming Mariah's World season finale.

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In the footage, which was filmed before Carey and Packer split back in October, Tanaka doesn't hold back when questioning the "Infinity" singer.

"Are you really gonna marry this guy?" Tanaka asks Mimi, who admits to being unsure about her future with Packer.

"I don't even know what I think anymore," she answers. "I think you have a different set of issues than me. I mean it's nice of you to try to make me feel good and stuff."

"That's all I want," Tanaka assures Carey. "I just want you to be happy."

But the 46-year-old songbird isn't quite convinced that happiness is in her future.

"Sometimes maybe people aren’t supposed to be happy, they're just supposed to like, exist," she tells Tanaka.

"I think everybody should be happy," he replies.

"I don't really know what that means," Carey confesses. "I have an idea, but then I don’t want it to be like weird with us."

The singer then decides to end their chat, since members of her team are probably watching.

"You make me smile," she says as Tanaka kisses her hand.

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In another teaser from the upcoming episode, Carey excitedly plans to get back into the recording studio, while a tense third clip finds Tanaka being promoted to co-creative director.

"I'm absolutely not happy about this," Carey's former creative director Anthony Burrell, says of the announcement.

"I'm blindsided because I feel like I'm always the last person on the list to get information," says Burrell.

"The only thing I knew was that you brought Tanaka back from 10 years ago," Carey tells him, adding, "Please don't feel mad or hurt by how I’m feeling."

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Though Carey is currently dating Tanaka the reality series gives fans a peak at how their relationship heated up, months before they officially got together.

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