Shailene Woodley Applauds Malia Obama for Attending Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

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It comes as no surprise that Malia Obama is civically engaged.

Former president Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama's daughter reportedly attended a protest of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline at the Sundance Film Festival this week, earning praise from Shailene Woodley, who has very vocally stood with the Standing Rock tribe in opposing the project.

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"It was amazing to see Malia," the Divergent star told Democracy Now. "President Obama’s daughter. Also, to witness a human being and a woman coming into her own outside of her family and outside of the attachments that this country has on her, but someone who’s willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to, because she recognizes, regardless of her last name, that if she doesn’t participate in democracy, there will be no world for her future children."

After intense protest by the Standing Rock tribes and others in opposition to the proposed North Dakota pipeline's potential impact on the environment and water, construction on the project was halted. However, in one of President Donald J. Trump's first actions as commander-in-chief, the 70-year-old signed an executive order greenlighting both the Dakota pipeline, as well as the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which was rejected by then-President Obama in 2015.

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The protest is just one example of Malia stepping out as her family adjusts to life after the White House.

The young filmmaker will be interning for Harvey Weinstein this summer before attending Harvard University in the fall.

Watch the video below for more.

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